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For Over 35 Years We Follow Our Passions

From Agriculture to Z Axis We Have Experience

We Operate in Wild Fisheries and Aquaculture, Household Goods and Commercial Engineering, Food Trucks and Pharma, and lobby for change in Governmental Policies

We Bring New Ideas and Answers to Modern Day Issues & Challenges

Our Integrity Remains in Sustainability

of Products, People, and Business

Current Projects

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Gindara Sablefish

We provide the world's only commercial Farmed Sablefish from sustainable aquaculture



Clean - Easy Convenient

100% Biodegradable Barbecue

Made from Cardboard, Bamboo, Lava Rocks.

All Natural Materials, No Iron, Plastic, or Aluminum

No Fossil Fuels, No Waste in Landfills, Less CO2

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Ocean Wise Canadian Rock Crab Meat

Learn more about Belle River

Belle River

Canadian Crabmeat

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WestCreek Coho

Land Raised Salmon

We help develop the world's only land based closed containment Coho and Sockeye Salmon.

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Willowfield was one of the first corporate supporters of Ocean Wise, recognizing the importance of creating sustainability awareness. We are also corporate sponsors of Seafood Watch

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3D Printing Technology

We introduced 3D Printing Technology to industry over a decade ago. We helped build rocket booster engines and assisted in disease research, using 3D Printing. We currently provide consulting to people and companies interested to adopt the technology through 3Design Products.

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Our passions take us in a wide array of interests, but we are no less dedicated to each. We seek sustainability in products and business, without compromise.

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